Reasons To Choose Performance Bikes Over Harley


Bike enthusiasts always are in quest of best machines that can give them the desired horsepower to vroom across the roads. If you have driven the metric cruisers and the customized Harley, very few can have a different answer, the Harley always wins. Performance has always been the plus factor when it comes to experiencing any sports bike or metric cruiser. When it comes to engineering and technology performance bikes, always top the table even when compared to the V-twin cam engine of Harley Davidson. The machines come cramped with more horsepower that weight just half of the Harley machine. In this case, the power to weight ratio is the winner.

In many cases, a metric is a reliable machine. Well, oil metric bike never look for roadside assistance and can perform burnout stunts without much motivation. These bikes do never show engine malfunctions or have any electrical issues. Harley Davidson do have mechanical issues and can need regular diagnosis and maintenance for smooth performance. The cost is another threatening factor when it comes to Harley. Paying for a Harley can pack in a metric cruiser and sports bike along with insurance cost for a year.

The motorist society always has, but the metric and the Harley on the balance scale to find out which weighs more. No one can beat the Japanese when it comes to making metric bikes that are affordable and are close clones of Harley. The Yamaha Virago is a great metric cruiser that any bike enthusiast would love to own. The Japanese started making this amazing cruiser since the late 1970s. The XS650 is closely related to the Harley Sportster. There are some good collectibles as well in this category, and they include ranging from ‘79 Yamaha XS650 to 2008 Honda Shadow. These are bikes that are worth a ride.

There is not an iota of doubt that the metric cruisers cost way less when compared to the customized Harley. There is another advantage as well. For less price you can get a high-performance motorcycle that could be great fun. When it comes to Harley, the best suited would be the Sportster for beginners. The model was kick started in 1957 and since that time, there is not much change in this model. It is still considered to be the most competed bike. These models cost anywhere around $2500 (for vintage) to $4000 (latest Evolution model).

Metric cruisers do not need repairs on the contrary, the Harley iron heads need frequent attention. When it comes to the Evolution model, the price hits the roof. So how do bike buffs bring about a balance? This is where one has to look in for the fine details. Classic cruisers are being designed like a Harley with even the V-Twin Cam fitted into the frame. The advantages are immense; the motor is redesigned for comfortable rides and is long lasting with lesser vibration. The maintenance is less whereas the bikes last a long time. What more all this at a controlled budget. You can get these for a few hundred dollars to a maximum of $2500 for a 1000cc.

So if metric cruisers have appealed to you, it is best to start some more research. There are some amazing bikes that start at a great price and give some outstanding performance. The Yamaha XS650 are ideal for beginners. Also, try out the Yamaha Virgo, Honda Shadow, Kawasaki Vulvan and Suzuki GS Series. All these amazing bikes are worth the money spent. These are cool bikes that any bike enthusiast would love to ride on without worrying about the performance and maintenance.

Remember that the newer the bikes, the higher the price. But there is no denying the fact the newer bikes come with some breathtaking technology and features that old bikes lack. On the whole, whether a metric cruiser, sports bike or Harley, all that matters is, able to fulfil your biking requirements without compromising on the price factor and maintenance.